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One quick and easy solution for loose rings

One quick and easy solution for loose rings

Winter= Cold Hands & Loose Rings

I keep repeating to myself that spring is almost here....this is the time of year when cabin fever always hits...

....and I am tired of my rings always fitting loose...

Do you notice this, too? In the winter, my rings feel loose and slide around more, whereas in the summer, they're sometimes just right or too tight. 

It can be annoying and worrisome when a ring feels like it will fall off....but here's a quick and easy solution to fix loose rings: wear a smaller-sized stacker right above your loose ring!

This will help it stay in place and look cute with an extra stacker.

Lucky for you, I make cute hammered stackers in sterling silver and gold-filled for under $22.

Spring is almost here....we got this! Longer and warmer days are ahead of us! 

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