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Inspiration Board for the Cowpoke Collection

Inspiration Board for the Cowpoke Collection

Howdy, partner!

Word around the saloon is that Crooked Trails Silver is slinging a new collection that will release on Saturday, April 6th at 6 PM MST inspired by the West and cowboy culture.

Okay, but seriously, anyone who knows me well, knows how my whole fashion style and obsession is with the desert, cowgirls, and the west. It all started with a deep love for the desert and the hardiness that it takes to live in such a brutal environment and slowly trickled to embracing cowboy hats, bandannas, and western themed prints into my wardrobe. The desert feels like home to me, and I feel my most badass self wearing my cowgirl hat.
I know the true cowpokes out there might scoff at a little Midwest gal cosplaying their culture, and I get it. We often romanticize cultures that we don't fully understand.
But to me, we all need a little bit of that cowpoke spirit to get through this life....the tenacity and grit it takes to live off the land, a deep love for the land and animals you tend, and a skeptical romanticism of the past, but still embracing new ideologies. 
We all have a little bit of that adventure and long for freedom in our souls, so I encourage you to dig your boots in and embrace this spirit. 

Got get 'em, cowgirl.

Check out the Inspiration Board for the Cowpoke Collection


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