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Why you shouldn't wear jewelry in the water

Why you shouldn't wear jewelry in the water

I need to listen to my own advice...

The last two weeks I spent on the beach, and it made me think about water and jewelry more.....

Hear me out, sometimes we don't follow our own advice.....I always tell my customers to take their jewelry off whenever they go into water.....whether that be the pool, shower, or the ocean.....but I don't follow that advice....WHY?

I like to test the limits of my jewelry and see what can really happen to it, and my jewelry takes a beating for it. But here's what I've learned if you don't take it off in the water:

  • Swimming can be rowdy, tumbling through waves or diving into a lake, which're more likely to lose your jewelry!
  • Salt water and chlorine can rub off the patina (dark parts on your jewelry).
  • Saltwater can corrode metals, and sulphur from hot springs can patina (make it darker) it.
  • Overall, water, soap, and chemicals will tarnish your jewelry faster and leave it duller. 
  • Stones can be sensitive to water too and could be damaged if continually exposed.
With that being said, I have an exception to these rules....I want you to be informed and make the best decision possible, so it's up to you! But I wear my Adventure Collection earrings (like the Arches) in the pool, shower, and even the ocean....and have yet to see any damage!
What do you think? Do you wear your jewelry in the water?
Let me know your thoughts!
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