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Cowpoke Collection Preview

I don't think I have ever been as excited for a collection as I am for the Cowpoke Collection. All of these pieces feel true to my soul and artistic style. I am working on a few more surprises for tomorrow, but I wanted to show you a preview of everything available! 

Prices will vary tomorrow. The Made to Order Cowgirl Boots range from $45-$85, depending on the style. There will be a limited quantity of each.

As for the other earrings, they will range from $130-$220. Each piece was intentionally designed and crafted with my two hands. All the stones are unique and high-quality from US-owned lapidaries. This is some of my best and highest-quality work yet. I am so intentional about pricing to ensure I am being paid enough and can still be within budget.

I understand if these prices seem high, but let me offer you a few options:

  • Tomorrow, I will offer a unique discount code for email subscribers ONLY. It will only be suitable for this weekend.
  • You may also use the $15 off Text Club code if you sign up today!
  • I offer Shop-Pay installments, which break your payment into four separate, interest-free payments!

I hope that helps. Thanks so much for your support!


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