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Truth is: I dislike cairns, but I LOVE Cairn Danglers

Truth is: I dislike cairns, but I LOVE Cairn Danglers

If you have ever hiked anywhere, especially in the West, you've probably seen cairns on trails. A cairn is a stack of rocks used to mark a trail. Cairns are necessary on trails with no trail markers, especially in the desert, BUT the problem I see is people building cairns on every corner of the trail or building for mere aesthetics... 

It's okay if you didn't know this, but you should only build cairns if you are a trail volunteer or park ranger.....because cairns can confuse others and are not a part of the Leave No Trace Principles.Let me know your opinion on this; I'm curious to hear your thoughts!

But do you know which cairns are acceptable?

Cairn Danglers! 

Maybe I need to find a new name, but I can't help seeing cairns' resemblance in these earrings...which reminds me of being on the trail!

I only have 10 of each, and you can choose between Lapis Lazuli with Sterling Silver or Jasper with 14 k Goldfilled!
I hope you learned something and are stoked to have the Cairn Danglers in stock!

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