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I need to raise my prices....

I need to raise my prices....

.....on Gold-Filled Adventure pieces. Let me explain.

I've been looking into the cost of materials more, and I genuinely try to charge the lowest price I can while still making an income, BUT my gold-filled pieces are no longer cost-effective.

I create my simple earrings with sterling silver and gold-filled wire. Gold-filled has 10x more gold than gold-plated and has gold on the outside with a base metal on the inside. It's a way for me to offer gold pieces without the cost of pure gold. 

While doing a recent silver order, I realized I needed to raise prices on the gold-filled pieces. Five feet of 18 gauge sterling silver wire is $14, whereas 5 feet of gold filled is $35. That's more than half of what sterling silver costs!!

Right now, I only charge $2 extra on gold-filled pieces, but I need to raise my prices by at least $5 on gold-filled pieces. All sterling silver pieces will stay the same price. 

The good news is that I won't implement this price raise until Monday, March 25th, so you have the opportunity to purchase any gold-filled pieces before I raise my prices.


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